I would like to study in Germany.

The first step is to learn the language; meanwhile, it is recommended that you get informed about the modalities, requirements and deadlines in regard with university applications.

Do I need to learn German?

You should bear in mind that in Germany most branches are taught in German. Besides, there are some fields which could be studied in English (check the linguistic requirements of the university/branch).

Generally, a certificate of C1-level in German is required by German universities (TestDaF, DSH…etc).

Am I supposed to reach the German C1-level in order to start the procedures?

No, you may start learning German at a school of your choice in Algeria and reach a given level there; however, the exam; that is the certificate, must be taken at and provided by the Goethe Institut. The Goethe certificate is the only recognised certificate by the German embassy and universities.

Furthermore, you may either;

  • apply for the a DSH-exam preparation course at a German university. In this regard, a B2 level/certificate is generally required. Besides, there are a few universities which require a B1 level, in this respect.  


  1. register at a language school in Germany after having obtained a certificate for the A1/A2 level in Algeria.

When am I supposed to start the procedures?

It should be noted that studies, in most fields, begin at the winter and summer semesters in Germany.

Generally, the period of applications for the summer semester is from 15.11. to 15.01.

Concerning the winter semester, the period of applications extends from 15.05. to 15.07. Moreover, it must be noted that these approximative dates may differ from one university to another.

How could I apply?

Most of the times, the university applications are performed through UNI-ASSIST.

It must be noted that UNI-ASSIST is a paid service. In addition, for some universities, there is no need for UNI-ASSIST, as an intermediate, to apply.  

How to open a bank blocked-account?

If you choose Deutsche Bank; for instance, you, first, need to download and fill-in the appropriate form from the bank’s website. Then, you should take an appointment for certification at the German embassy in Algeria. After that the documents have been certified, you need to send that file to the bank in Germany. The address of the latter may be found in the form.

What is needed for the certification?

  • The admission letter or document from a German university
  • The appropriate filled bank’s form
  • One Copy of the first page of your passport

What is the required amount of the blocked account?

8640 Euros. Otherwise, you must provide a document stating that a relative in Germany would financially cover your studies and living costs.