How do I find a job in Germany?

Pretty standard approach. You need to seek job vacancies and apply (usually online).

There are multiple places where you can look for a job. This means you need to know precisely what you are looking for and prepare an adapted CV and cover letter.

You can seek jobs on mass job boards like Monster, Glassdoor and Indeed, or smaller, niche job boards (such as BerlinStartupJobs or our own job board) as well as going directly to the company’s website.

Once you have a job proposition and you sign your employment contract, you’ll need to apply for a visa. Here is a guide with more information

Can I apply from Algeria?

Yes. An increasing number of German companies are accepting candidates straigh from Algerian. Especially in technical branches.

What are the most sought after jobs in Germany?

here’s a shortage of skilled workers in certain professions in Germany. These include qualified engineers (mechanical, automotive, electrical and building), IT specialists, social workers and workers in the geriatric, health and nursing professions. More details on German market situation here (in German)

I don’t speak German, can I still work in Germany?Depends on your field. Some positions, especially in IT and in startup environments, hire english-speaking candidates with no German requirement. Read the job ad carefully to find out.

What’s the average salary?Depends on your industry and location. Berlin is known for lower wages while Munich is the opposite. Use Glassdoor

How much taxes shall I pay?

There are six tax classes in Germany. Taxes are deducted at the source. You can calculate your potential tax contribution here

How can I improve my CV?

The Europass website provides some nice European-style CV templates.
Seek out, in our event calendar, our next CV workshops.

How does the visa process looks like?

If you’ve got an employment contract already congrats! You’ve done the most complicated bit. If you hold an Algerian passport, you will need to apply for a German visa. Highly-skilled profesionnals can benefit from the Blue Card which is a special type of visa quick to get and with less hassle. Find out if you are eligible.

Once I’m settled, can I bring my family?

Yes, you are entitled to bring your wife and kids. They will need to apply for a visa as well though and the process can take sometime in Algeria (up to 12 months). With the Blue card it’s even faster.

How to setup a business in Germany?

The first step is to figure out whether you are going to work on a self-employed, freelance basis or if you want to create a company (in which case you will need to know which type of company uGMBH, GMBH…etc). This important to register with the tax office (Finanzamt).

We have some job openings. Where can I hire qualified Algerian professionals? That’s great. Please do get in touch via email we have some amazing candidates we’d love to put you in touch with